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How to Letter On Your Yoga Mat | October Gifts #2

It’s time for lettering tutorial #2! You can find last week’s post on watercolour lettering cards here, but this week, we’re going to be working yoga mat lettering.

Yes, today’s gift tutorial is on lettering on your/ a yoga mat!

Pretty exercise gear can be motivating. But it can also be pricey, especially for someone just starting out — see also: me. So instead of paying through the nose for an pretty, expensive mat, I did myself one better and made my drugstore-bought mat pretty.

yoga mat lettering

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Lettering Projects

3 Easy Methods to Create Watercolor Lettering Cards

Happy October — i.e. the month of lettering tutorials. This week, we’re starting with something really simple: watercolor lettering cards.

I previously shared how to make a watercolor wash in a pinch, but today, I’ll do you one better. I’ll show you THREE different ways to create watercolor washes that you can letter over and put into a frame.

(Yes, it’s actually three tutorials, not just the one!)


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Lettering Projects

How to Organise Lettering Projects

October’s coming up and you know what that means? Wedding season and Christmas season are coming soon! In light of that, I’m going to be sharing a series of DIY lettering tutorials for gifts. I’ve been hard at work experimenting with different techniques and materials, and I can’t wait to share it all with you.

But that’s all next week. Before we get into that, I want to show you you I organise lettering projects, so I don’t get swamped — and you don’t too!

P.S. You can use this for any craft project. Mine are just largely lettering-related 😉


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Lettering Supplies

Top 5 Lettering Supplies Under $30 You Need to Invest In

Okay, first things first… If you don’t have an extra $30 to spend on lettering supplies, close this window. You can absolutely do brush lettering with a $2 pen (Pentel Fude anyone?) and any scrap paper you have lying around!

But if — and only if — you had an extra $30 to spend on lettering supplies… Well, here are my top picks for investing in. (Hint: they are not all brush pens!)

Top 5 Lettering Supplies Under $30

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Be More Productive

No time for lettering? Make some! (+ free time tracker printables!)

Let’s be real: we only have 24 hours in a day. If we actually get 8 hours of slaeep in, that’s 1/3 of the day gone. Factor in work, meals and commute time, and the remaining time is paltry at best. Where on earth then, can we find time to practice lettering?

But practice makes progress.

That’s the only way you’re going to improve. There is no magic potion — if there were, I’d definitely be writing a post about it. Something like “Need to get good at lettering? Here’s a magic potion (recipe inside)!”

The problem is time. But here’s the good news: you can make lettering practice time.


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Learn Lettering

How to Get Thin Upstrokes in Brush Pen Calligraphy

I’m backkkkkk~ I know I’ve been away for quite a while, but well — family emergency, increase in workload, plus graduation… I’ve been swamped! But I’m back now, and it’s going to be nothing but lettering (brush pen calligraphy!) and related art and tech tutorials every Wednesday on out.

So this week, this post answers the burning question everyone has asked at least one: just how the *bleep* do you get those thin upstrokes?!


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Learn Lettering

Learning lettering made simple (+ an exciting announcement!)

I realised recently I blog about lettering a lot — a big part of that is because I truly believe it’s an amazing creative outlet. You can do mini projects and practice on-the-go so… Why not? But I also realised that apart from the one blog post on the 8 basic strokes of brush lettering, I don’t really talk about learning lettering very much.

I’m 6 months into my own lettering journey, and lately, I’ve been thinking about what could have made my lettering journey easier and it hit me on the head: Wouldn’t it be awesome to have traceable practice sheets that helped you learn and develop your own style?

Lettering Made Easy

That’s when I started planning and creating the Whisk Lettering Guide. I know there are so many out there — I even have some in my free resource library — but Whisk is different.

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Lettering Projects

How to Make A DIY Typography Print, Brush Lettering Style

This weekend project comes a little early this week because I’ve an exciting announcement coming on Saturday! Spoiler alert: It’s lettering-related. Just like today’s tutorial on how to create your very own typography print, in brush lettering style.

One of the things you can do with lettering is to make your own wall decor by creating a typography print and either framing it, or simply sticking it on the wall.

But it’s not as easy as grabbing a sheet of paper and simply lettering.

Maybe I’m picky, but I’m rarely happy with my first copy of nearly any DIY typography print. So for people like you and me, I broke down my process, step by step, so you can create your own letter art print too! Each step either takes 10 minutes or less, or it is something that you can easily drop and come back to later.

Lettering a Quote for Display

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