Are you struggling to improve your brush lettering? Tired of looking at your paper and wondering just what you’re doing wrong? Well, then this is the post for you! Today, we’re talking about 3 little tips, that people often overlook at first, that you can use to improve your lettering!

Improve Your Brush Lettering

1. Are you lettering or trying to write in cursive?

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is assuming that they are one and the same. Joined up writing is not calligraphy of any kind.

As cursive is built for economy and speed, the point is to keep writing. Your pen doesn’t leave the paper.

Calligraphy might look the same, but it is actually not written at one shot, but stroke by stroke.

This gives you ample time to adjust your pressure and focus on consistency between each stroke instead of trying to focus on all that and stringing all the letters together like one long daisy chain!

2. Is your arm positioned right?

Everyone will tell you there’s a ‘right’ way to hold your pen. I don’t buy that.

As long as you’re holding your pen at an angle about 45 degrees from the paper, I don’t care how you’re gripping it or how your paper is slanted!

No, how your arm is positioned is more important. If you do pointed pen calligraphy, this tip may sound familiar — keep your pen in line with your forearm.

Improve Your Brush Lettering

This can and will feel awkward, since you’re throwing your elbow and shoulder out there, so rotate your paper until you find something comfortable! This helps you keep that upstroke consistent 😉

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3. Are you being deliberate and slow?

Lettering is not something you zoom through. Lettering is intentional. It’s slowly forming each letter, each word, with your writing tool — brush, pen, pointed pen, pencil — stroke by stroke.

When you go slow, you can focus on making each stroke look its best.

In the end, it all comes back to the basic strokes, and that is one thing you can never practice enough!

I’ve been practicing with my many new brush pens and also experimenting with paintbrush lettering over the past few months and picked up more tips so… It’s time for a new challenge!

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