I’m a slightly ditzy, very chatty 20-something from sunny Singapore. I letter (obviously) but I also plan, teach, write and social media — all while talking somone’s ear off.

I’ve been lettering for a year and a half. My favourite is brush, but I’m developing a soft spot for pointed pen, both modern and Copperplate.

But all that’s just me and that’s boring!

Let’s talk about me AND you!

Alright, that sounds a little creepy — but really, let’s talk about why YOU are here!

You’re probably here because you’re interested in lettering and you want to try it or do more of it. Which is awesome! But let me ask you something…

Have you ever gotten interested in something and just… did nothing about it? Saw a brilliant project, pinned it on your Pinterest board then did nothing about it… ever? Or maybe it’s not one brilliant project but like… fifty?

That was me — to be honest, it is still me sometimes! There are never enough hours in a day to get everything you need to do. Maybe it’s chasing after kids, maybe it’s the never-ending pile of paperwork.

But I don’t want that to be lettering for you.

I want you to be able to stop. To be able to get away from the madness and (temporarily) go back to the days before The Real World sucked up all your time, and just create for a little while.

It is possible! 

No, I’m not going to say you should quit your day job and give your 200% to lettering! Frankly, that is a luxury not many can afford. Also, there are some day jobs that can’t be quit — like Mom. But it is possible to carve out a little time every day, a dedicated little bubble, and put your hands to work.

Sounds awesome, right? Want to know how to do it?

The three steps to creative freedom

1. Find your pockets of free time!

2. Sign up for my free 14-day lettering email course

3. Practice every day… And keep practicing every day after the 14 days are over


Really! I know it sounds trite, but having a someone to talk to always helps for accountability — it’s why I started this blog after all. Talking to the Internet was way better than talking to interested-out-of-loving-obligation friends and family! 

Come join us in the Script Squad, or simply hit me up on Instagram. Who knows, we could be lettering besties!