Did you sing that too? Want to letter it out?

HEY there! My name is Lyssy — as you probably already guessed — and I’ve been handwriting lyrics to the songs stuck in my head for the longest time!

Only now I write them out in calligraphy instead 😉

How can *you* get from handwriting to hand-lettering?

WAY back in 2015, I felt stuck. 4 years studying journalism sucked all the joy I got out of writing, and I desperately wanted a new creative outlet.

As luck would have it, I chanced on brush lettering and the rest — as people would say — is history!

I had zero calligraphy OR art background starting out — I took my last art class when I was 14! Heck, I still can’t even write in cursive smoothly!

All it takes to go from handwriting to hand-lettering is a whole lot of practice… Mostly on the basic strokes!


Why listen to me (and my awkward face)?

I tumbled down the lettering rabbit hole quite by accident — I wanted a new creative hobby, and looking at lettering videos, I figured, “I can so make that!”

Well, not quite.

I quickly realised I could make that… In a year’s time.

That squiggly scrawl you use in the last 2 minutes of a test? That’s not cursive, and it does not help in lettering. At all. Go figure!

So I taught myself the basics from zero — as you might already know! — and everything spiraled from there!

Coming from zero was totally worth it!

LYSSY Creates was born ’cause being completely ZERO meant I could easily find information gaps, and I wanted to fill that gap and create a brush lettering resource for busy DIY beginners like you and me!

As a curious busy beginner, the huge variety of brush pens out there is overwhelming! Which do you choose to start with?

Practicing all the letters that use a U-shaped stroke might sound like a great idea to get the most out of practice time… But how do you know you didn’t miss any?

Coming from zero meant I got upclose and personal~ with those little pesky problems we self-learners face, which helps me tailor my workbooks and content for people just like me and you!