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5 Ways to Break Your Creative Block

Have you ever wanted to paint or letter but just felt… stuck? That, my friend, is a creative block. You know you can do it. You just feel really ‘meh’ about it!

It isn’t a fun place for any creative to be, so today, I’m sharing 5 things I do whenever I’m stuck. I call them the 5 “RE”s — read on to see why!

5 Ways to Break Your Creative Block

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Hi! I’m Lyssy!

I help busy ladies add a little creative something (aka lettering) to their lives!

New Year, New Pens | the Ultimate Brush Pen Review

If you've been following my lettering journey for a while, you may have seen the first iteration of this post, done in mid-2016. Now, over 30 pens and many sheets of paper later, I'm bringing the ultimate brush pen review back bigger and better! (Some of the links in...

The #1 Thing I’d Have Done Differently | 2016 Review

The last week of December always lends itself to introspection for me every year — I blame it on my birthday. It’s a double whammy of “New year, new you! Go do a 2016 review!” But why review? Why do people read book reviews or movie reviews? To find out whether that...

3 Ways to Make Your Gift Tag a Winter Wonderland

The gifts are bought, you're starting to wrap them... But who do they belong to? This is another opportunity to dazzle your friends and family with your mad lettering skills. Add some chilly goodness to your presents this season with these winter wonderland gift tags!...

Watercolour Winter Berries Place Setting Tutorial

If you've a pretty crazy Christmas dinner planned, this one is for you! It's fast and easy, and has the added bonus of making your dinner look all rustic and fancy at the same time. Without too much prattling though — here's how to make a winter berries place setting...

How to Make Festive Silhouette Cards

Can you believe it’s less than a month to Christmas? And with the season upon us, of course, I’ve some festive tutorials for you. I’ve been working on designing Christmas cards for my pen pals, and apart from watercolour wreaths, I also wanted to try something new:...

7 Ways to Decorate with Lettering Prints

As you letter, you start creating pieces you want to keep. Maybe you've also bought some prints here and there. But what on earth do you DO with these?! Well, that's what I'm here for. Today, I'm going to show you 7 ways you can decorate with lettering pieces! (Some...

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