Lettering Projects

How to Make Festive Silhouette Cards

Can you believe it’s less than a month to Christmas? And with the season upon us, of course, I’ve some festive tutorials for you. I’ve been working on designing Christmas cards for my pen pals, and apart from watercolour wreaths, I also wanted to try something new: festive silhouette cards!

You know, where you fill a shape with lettering. Curious? Let’s get started then!

festive silhouette cards

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Lettering Projects

How to Make Gratitude Cards this Thanksgiving

I’m going to preface all this by saying I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. The next big holiday for me is Christmas, but I know many of you will be sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner next week, so I thought it’d be a nice touch to have gratitude cards for that dinner — just another layer of giving thanks 😉

So… Let’s get started!

gratitude cards thanksgiving

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Lettering Supplies

2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Lettering Junkies

Recently, I asked what you would like to see more on the blog, and one thing that jumped out was more posts on supplies! So with the holidays (and Black Friday!) right ‘round the corner, I thought I’d put together a holiday gift guide for lettering artists. Whether you’re just starting out or have been at this for a while, I got you covered!

2016 Lettering Holiday Gift Guide

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Lettering Projects

How to DIY Your Own Heat Embossed Lettering Sign

Hello friend! Yes, it’s the last post in the lettering gift tutorial series — and we’re that much closer to the holiday season!

I know I missed last week’s post — working a 9-to-5 took more than I expected — so I combined lettering and embossing into this tutorial on how to make your own heat embossed lettering sign.

Let’s get started!

heat embossed lettering sign

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Lettering Projects

How to Letter On Your Yoga Mat | October Gifts #2

It’s time for lettering tutorial #2! You can find last week’s post on watercolour lettering cards here, but this week, we’re going to be working yoga mat lettering.

Yes, today’s gift tutorial is on lettering on your/ a yoga mat!

Pretty exercise gear can be motivating. But it can also be pricey, especially for someone just starting out — see also: me. So instead of paying through the nose for an pretty, expensive mat, I did myself one better and made my drugstore-bought mat pretty.

yoga mat lettering

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Lettering Projects

3 Easy Methods to Create Watercolor Lettering Cards

Happy October — i.e. the month of lettering tutorials. This week, we’re starting with something really simple: watercolor lettering cards.

I previously shared how to make a watercolor wash in a pinch, but today, I’ll do you one better. I’ll show you THREE different ways to create watercolor washes that you can letter over and put into a frame.

(Yes, it’s actually three tutorials, not just the one!)


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Lettering Projects

How to Organise Lettering Projects

October’s coming up and you know what that means? Wedding season and Christmas season are coming soon! In light of that, I’m going to be sharing a series of DIY lettering tutorials for gifts. I’ve been hard at work experimenting with different techniques and materials, and I can’t wait to share it all with you.

But that’s all next week. Before we get into that, I want to show you you I organise lettering projects, so I don’t get swamped — and you don’t too!

P.S. You can use this for any craft project. Mine are just largely lettering-related 😉


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