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Are you new to lettering and have no idea where to start? Or are you an old hand who feels there’s never enough time to letter or your lettering has gotten stale? Whichever you are, I’ve got you covered!

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Learning Lettering

  • Lettering Practice Kit
    Need a starting place to practice? Grab this lettering practice kit to start with the basics! There's an exemplar for you to practice the basic strokes off plus blank practice sheets for both large and small brush pens.
  • Learn brush pen calligraphy
    Learn Brush Lettering: The 8 Basic Strokes
    Interested in brush lettering but not sure where to start? This nifty post takes you through the 8 basic strokes — plus free workbook and video tutorials. Click through to read more!
  • Brush Pen Calligraphy Alphabet
    Learn Brush Pen Calligraphy: The Alphabet
    Overwhelmed by the alphabet? This post breaks it down into a doable lesson plan!

Finding Supplies

  • ultimate brush pen review
    Ultimate Brush Pen Review
    There are so many brush pens out there that it's hard to pick one, so a review is in order — here are the different types of brush pens I own and why and when they are awesome (or not)!
  • best-calligraphy-pens-brush-beginners
    Best Pens for Brush Lettering Beginners
    When I first heard of brush lettering, I figured I’d just need a brush, some paint and paper… Right? But then I delved into Instagram and Facebook — research, you know? — and it was simply overwhelming. There were so many tools and product names… Which should I buy? Where were they sold? If you’re completely new to lettering like I was, this one is for you!
  • Top 5 Lettering Supplies Under $30
    Top 5 Lettering Supplies Must-Haves Under $30
    You've $30 to invest in yourself — what do you get? These 5 must-have brush calligraphy supplies, of course!

Lettering Projects

  • heat embossed lettering sign
    How to DIY a Heat Embossed Lettering Sign
    Need a shiny new sign? This easy tutorial shows you how to use heat embossing to hand letter your own! Click through to read the step-by-step tutorial.
  • lettering-yoga-mat
    How to Letter on Your Yoga Mat
    Want to make a special gift for your exercise-maniac friend? Learn how to do some yoga mat lettering and give them a personalised gift this year. Click through to read the full tutorial!
  • watercolor-lettering-cards
    3 Ways to Create Watercolor Lettering Cards
    Need a background for your lettering? Here are 3 easy methods you can use to create one! You just need some paints, or Tombows, and brushes. Click through to read the full tutorial for all 3 methods on creating a gorgeous watercolour wash!

Being Productive

  • creative space
    3 Tips to Refresh Your Creative Space
    Your environment does affect how creative you're feeling so give yourself a little pick-me-up by sprucing up your creative space! It doesn't matter if you have a craft room or simply a corner in your bedroom — here are 3 areas you can brighten up and up your creative game!
  • make-lettering-practice-time
    How to Make Lettering Practice Time
    Want to learn brush lettering but can't find the time to practice? The solution lies in your time management. In this post, I share my #1 hack to finding your lettering practice time: time tracking. Click through to find out 3 ways you can track your time and download the free time tracker printables!
  • organise-lettering-projects-04
    How to Organise Lettering Gift Projects
    Overwhelmed with lettering gifts for people this festive season? Read how I plan to complete everything in time in this how to plan post!

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