Have you fallen so in love with lettering you want to letter everywhere? I know that feel. Unfortunately, we aren’t snails. We can’t carry all our earthly belongings with us wherever we go. So we need a travel kit of brush calligraphy tools.

Today, I’m going to share my 5 essential calligraphy tools for traveling. Let’s get to it!

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1. Small Black Brush Pen

The first thing on my list is definitely an inexpensive small brush pen! Black is pretty standard, and a small pen means you can write more. I carry a Tombow Fudenosuke, Zebra Fudebiyori or Pentel Fude Touch Sign Pen everywhere, really!

These three are my picks because 1) they are easy to work with quickly, 2) they are fairly cheap so if I lose them, I won’t be incredibly upset, and 3) they are small and fit into almost any bag I own — unlike say a Tombow Dual Brush Pen!

2-4. Watercolour Kit

For colour and larger lettering, I use my travel watercolour kit instead! I find this way more versatile than a 20+ brush pens in different colours! A watercolour kit lets me mix whatever colours I want for lettering and I get to paint if I want.

What goes into this kit, you may ask?

Obviously, watercolours! I like Sakura Koi’s Field Set for travel as it fits a water brush perfectly. Of course, you can create your own palettes with a small box, half-pan containers and watercolour tubes of your choice.

The palette box is also where I store my water brush. I adore my Silver Velvet and Princeton Heritage brushes, but you bet I’m not taking them overseas with me! What if I lost them?

If there’s space, I’d also include a sponge or some paper napkins to clean off my water brush. If not… Well, I’m sure I can find napkins somewhere!

5. Paper pad

Lastly, paper to letter on — duh! I always travel with either my bullet journal or traveler’s notebook, so I sometimes skip packing a separate book just for lettering. If I had to pick though, I’d probably go with a small hot-pressed watercolour pad, no larger than A5.

Hot-pressed paper is smoother which is great for lettering (and will treat your pens better). If you want to paint as well though, consider cold-pressed! I like this small pad from Fabriano.

Do you have any supplies you have to bring with you when you leave the house? Let me know in the comments below!