Brush Basics Lesson 1 | Up & Downstroke

Welcome to Day 1 of Brush Basics!

This first lesson is a (relatively) easy one, but easy also makes it easier (heh) for you to build the habit to doing this daily! This lesson will cover how to hold and use your brush pen, the fundamental rule of lettering and drawing downstrokes and upstrokes

I know. It all sounds really agonisingly basic, but I promise you this lays the foundation for everything else to come, so stick with me and hit play on the video lesson below! 💪🏻

1 | Holding & Using your brush pen

Keep it comfy! Your grip doesn’t have to change too much from how you normally hold a pen as long as your brush or brush pen forms a 40-50 degree angle with the paper! #math, I know.

To use the brush pen, just apply pressure for thicker strokes and reduce pressure for finer ones!

2 | The Fundamental Rule of Lettering

Yes, I totally call it that and it’s really simple! If you’re going upwards, your stroke is thin. Downwards, the stroke is thick! This comes in handy in figuring out how to draw a letter you see (let’s say) on Pinterest!

Now you know all the theory, let’s talk about actually creating strokes.

3 | Downstroke

I’m a fan of starting easy, so let’s do downstrokes first! It’s really simple: press down and following the angle of your style (in your workbook, that’s your slanted guidelines) draw the stroke all the way down. 🌊

Really dare to press down; your pen will not (should not) break! And keep your pressure smooth and constant!

4 | Upstroke

Pressure is also important for upstrokes! You need to know what is the skinniest steady line you can make with your pen. No point in having a skinny shaky line.

Use the tip of your pen and draw it up. If you’re a right-hander, keep your elbows out! You can do this! 💪🏻

5 | It’s your turn now!
I’ve jibber-jabbered enough that I should turn into a Jabberwocky anytime now 😂 You take a shot at it now! Get out your workbooks and get practicing! Find a grip you like and practice your upstrokes and downstrokes.

Practice by alternating between tracing over the grey strokes then lettering it solo in the blank space beside! This helps you train up your muscle memory and correct any mistakes you make right away! 🎉

Happy lettering!

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