Brush Basics Lesson 2 | Under & Overturn

Welcome back!

Did you get in your practice for Lesson 1? I sure hope you did, because today’s lesson builds on what we learnt yesterday! 💥 Today’s spotlight is on changing pressure smoooooothly~ 🌊 so we can get your underturn (kinda like a U shape) and overturn (think a lowercase N) strokes down!

I know you may not even know what these terms mean — I didn’t when I started either! — so let’s get crackin’ so you will!

Like yesterday, the video covers all the points below AND has the demos from different angles, so no skipping! 😉 But I also have the key points for you right here — for easy future reference!

1 | More than one pressure level

Today’s strokes contain both thick and thin strokes, so you gotta transit from one to the other and the key here is doing it gradually! Abrupt changes make for very weird strokes! There are some artists who create a unique style of their own by utilising abrupt changes but let’s figure out how to walk before we try to run a marathon, shall we?

2 | Underturn

Let’s talk underturns! This is pretty much a slanted U-shape. As with all U-shapes, your sides are parallel and there is a pretty symmetrical curve at the bottom. The right side is all-skinny, but that curve on the left side is where all the action happens!

So what you want to do is reduce your pressure by lifting the back of your pen or brush, and draw that turn with the tip. Right-handers, draw that outer curve. Lefties, the inner one!

3 | Overturn

Overturns are the opposite! The shape is really similar except the curve is on top, and the action happens on the right.

You increase pressure here by pressing down the back of your pen or brush, and draw the curve too. Only here, righties draw the inner curve while lefties take the outer one!

4 | Your homework! 📝

Once again, our next two strokes will build on these two, so be sure to practice! Since they are more difficult than the last lessons’s homework, I’d recommend giving yourself at least 2 days to practice this one!

Pro tip: Warm up with lesson 1’s strokes to (re)familiarise yourself with the thicks and thins your pen is capable of will also be helpful before you start practicing these strokes.

See you in the next lesson!


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