Brush Basics Lesson 3 | Curve #1

Did you know we’re learning 9 strokes in this challenge — and today we’re on our 5th one? That’s right, you’re more than halfway through!

Today, we’re learning just one thing: the compound curve

There are two compound curves, but this first one you aboslutely need to know! I suggest spending at least 2 days on this one stroke! If that doesn’t give you a hint that this stroke is crucial, I don’t know what will! Let’s get to it! 🎉👯


#1 | It’s a five-step process

Today’s curve is another combination stroke! You’re starting with the overturn from yesterday, but instead of stopping at the bottom, you make a U-turn up instead! I like to think of it as five steps 👋🏻 upstroke, press + turn, full pressure, lift + turn, full pressure.

Breaking it up into baby steps makes executing the stroke easier for me — that way, I can easily visualise what I need to do next. It’s like driving (or playing music). You gotta look ahead!

Don’t skip on the video for more tips and demos!

#2 | It’s your turn!

You’ve got a sense of it, now give it a try! Get out those supplies and do a little warm up — especially if you’re using a brand new pen! Then get to practicing today’s stroke.

Don’t be worried if you don’t “get it” straight away. It’s a tricky one and you’ll see progress over time!

And just a reminder: you don’t need to be perfect to move on to the next lesson! See you there!


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