Brush Basics Lesson 5 | Oval

Welcome back! Are you ready to learn something totally new?

Today we’re tackling ovals! 😵 A lot of people just think of them as “that circle/O stroke” but that can’t be further from the truth!

Ovals are used in so many letters! Take for example the lowercase A. When I started lettering, I wrote my a’s the good ol’ way — and they looked awful. Once I broke them into an oval and underturn stroke…

Tips to Perfect Brush Lettering

Instant improvement! 🎉 I can’t stress how important this stroke is! Don’t just race through this stroke or even skip past it thinking “it’s just an O”! 

Two key things with ovals to make sure you’re doing it right: 

#1 | Start at the side

Don’t start at the top or at the bottom! Starting at the side has two benefits. ☝🏻 You don’t jump straight into pressure changes, so you’ve time to prep to do that. ✌🏻 You close up the oval at the side — where your next stroke will go! So even if your closure is a little messy, the next one will cover it up 😉

#2 | Take note of your full pressure point!

Your full presh isn’t half-way down the height of your oval. Not exactly… It’s halfway down the slanted height of your oval.

Imagine your oval is split in half along the slant. Find the mid-point of that slanted line. Then draw a perpendicular line out from that mid-point. Where that line meets the oval, that’s your full presh point.💥

As always, the video has more tips and demos, so watch it!

#3 | It’s homework time!

Take the time to warm up first — I like to do full presh, upstrokes and underturns — before tackling your ovals! This is my exact warmup when I’m having problems with my ovals (yes, I have off-days and need this too!) so I know it works!

This is possibly the most difficult stroke more most people, so my recommendation is to give yourself ample time with it. When this was a live challenge, I usually gave this lesson three days!

You’ve got it! I’ll see you in Lesson 6! 

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