Brush Basics Lesson 6 | Ascending Loop

Welcome to Lesson 6!

I hope the surprise worksheets were a nice little surprise for you and you’re starting to see how these strokes we’ve been learning come together to form letters — and later words!

If you’re doing other lettering challenges — I’m addicted to them too! — I’m sure your lettering is already improving! Quick tip from me to you: don’t just write blindly! After you write something, look at it to see where you can improve! Being able to pick out where you’re going wrong is the first step in improving your script!

Keep that in mind as we work on today’s lesson! It’s all about the one stroke that makes our tall letters… well, tall! The ascending loop stroke!

Watch the video lesson for demo + how to!

This is stroke is better demonstrated than talked about so hit play on the video and watch it before heading off to do your homework!

For this lesson’s warmup, I recommend downstrokes, upstrokes and ovals. That’s lessons 1 and 5, if you want to refer to previous videos! 😉 After that, start tackling today’s stroke!


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