Brush Basics Lesson 7 | Descending Loop

You made it! It’s our last lesson for Brush Basics!

Today’s lesson is aaaaall about the long letters! We make them long with descending loops, so today’s all about them! The style of descending loop you’re going to be learning in today’s video lesson is small and elegant. It is very similar to what you’d see in basic Copperplate or Spencerian.

Don’t worry if you can’t get it exactly right though! That definitely takes time and if you like modern strokes… You might end up modifying YOUR descending loop to something larger and swooshier sooner or later!  

Watch the video lesson for demo + how to!

Homework tip: Upstrokes, downstrokes and overturn strokes will be useful for you to warm up on! The overturn stroke is the only other clockwise stroke we’ve learnt so it’s helpful to practice writing strokes in that direction before starting!

This stroke is extremely fun to vary and flourish (that is loop all over the place all fancy-like!) so get it right, so you can break all the rules later on!

I hope you enjoyed these seven lessons and if you want to advance to letters with me, I’m currently running a massive promo on the Brush Letters workbooks (yes, the same workbooks the surprise worksheets were from!) so do check it out! 

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