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Lettering Services

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Are you having difficulty finding your dream design? I can help!

We all have that perfect piece in our minds while shopping. Maybe it’s a quirky motivational quote for a friend, or a sign you want done for your business — or even the perfect wedding place cards! Unfortunately, pre-made designs are made to appeal to many, and they might not be exactly what you’re looking for!

If you can’t seem to find The One, let me help you bring your vision into reality.

Every commissioned work I create is handmade just for you to your specifications, so you can get precisely what you dreamed of. Sounds fabulous? Hit me up and let’s get started on bringing your dreams to life!

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How Does this work?

It’s not just talk and fairy dust, and poof, your dream piece is done! Nossir, but I promise I make it easy for you to get what you want! Here’s what happens after you drop me a line.

Design Consultation
Let’s talk design so I really know what you want! After I get your inquiry, I’ll send over a super detailed questionnaire for you to share your ideas, inspirations (Pinterest and Instagram are my favourite places) and all the nitty-gritty details of your request. If you need help going through it, I also offer a quick 15-minute ‘discovery’ call over Skype to walk you through it!
Proposal & Contract
Ah, the pesky admin side of things! Once you’ve sent over all the details, I’ll tailor a custom package for you including delivery options for your commission. Once you approve of the proposed package, I’ll send over a packet including your contract, a timeline for the project and a deposit invoice

Just send over the signed contract with a 50% deposit to hold your place in the project queue! If you need it in less than 2 weeks of your inquiry, please note that you’ll have to make full payment along with a rush fee. If you’re providing materials such as envelopes, mirrors or chalkboards, I’ll also coordinate pick-up/ drop-off.

Concept Proofs & Revisions
Alright, we’re on! This is the part where you sit back, relax and let me do my job — aka sketching it out! I’ll combine the design elements you want and create a design proof that is uniquely yours. You’ll receive a digital concept proof and make small adjustments. Every package includes 2 rounds of revisions so you can tweak everything to perfection.

Additional revisions are billed at an hourly rate. Finalised wordings, guest lists and seating arrangements will be requested at this point! (I can’t design without words, after all!)

Creation & Delivery
Once you’ve given the proof your (figurative) stamp of approval, I’ll start working on your commission! Everything is done by hand — yes, even the digital pieces start as hand-lettered pieces! — so there may be some minor variance in spacing and look from the approved design.

When it’s all completed, I’ll package it up for pick-up or delivery (additional charges apply for delivery). Final payment is to be made before you collect your commission — which is really all you need to do. Besides enjoy your perfect piece, of course!

Sounds all good? Submit an inquiry so we can get started on your dream piece!

Events & Classes

Need live lettering skills at your event? Want to level-up your party with a fun workshop? I do both!

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